Vertical Sliding Window

The Aluplast Heritage Vertical Sliding Window system is designed to incorporate all the desirable traditional features of a timber sash window, yet with all the additional benefits and conveniences of modern PVC-U.


Profile Description:

Profiles as per EN12608

Thermal Performance – BFRC ‘B’ Rating


  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Brilliant design


  • Slim sight lines comparable with timber design
  • Stepped frame Design
  • Internally beaded
  • Two Sashes built in frame that can slide in opposite directions
  • Dummy mullion option for slim sight lines for multiple frames


Tilting function with sash weight less than 35 kg


  • Aluplast - Tilt latches & operating knobs
  • Pole Ring
  • Spring balance
  • Balances Ultra lift Torso
  • Sash Horn
  • Pivot Shoe
  • Slide in Pivot Bars
  • Bar Restrictors


Maximum width 1500mm
Maximum height 3000mm
Outer Frame 137/66mm
Maximum sash weight 40kg
Glazing 5-33mm