Foldable / Bi-Fold Doors

Open Up Your Home


Profile Description:

Outer Frame: Frame 76

Shutter: Sash T 104 (Outward)     Sash Z84 (Inward)

  • Dummy Mullion
  • Frame extension


  • Wide open of space
  • Expansion of space
  • Noise reduction with DGU
  • Ideal for pool side / conference halls


  • Large reinforcement chambers in the sash
  • Three-chambered sashes and frames
  • High-quality hardware
  • Lever locking mechanism
  • Multiple locking points and compression seals all around the sash perimeter


  • Siegenia German (complete set)
  • Multipoint Lock with single side handle cylinder


Maximum sash width 900mm
Maximum height 2400mm
Glazing 6-24mm
Maximum sash weight 80kg