About Aluplast

Aluplast is a leading provider of uPVC window and door systems. Headquartered in Karlsruhe (Germany) has 24 production sites and sales offices all over the world since the last 30 years.

Window and door systems by aluplast offer versatile design and functionality with outstanding U-values: semi or fully recessed, stops and gasket systems with classic square or round contours.

The product range is tailored to modern-day requirements and meets the highest demands when it comes to safety and energy efficiency. Thanks to the compatibility of its systems, aluplast has a solution to everything – it can even meet passive house standards with ease.

With various laminations and aluminium shells, you can really highlight your designs. Find out more about the wide array of colour options... And let your imagination run wild.

Window and door types are distinguished by their way of installation and method of opening.

The glazing is inserted directly into the frame – there is no sash that can be opened.

The sash can be slid to the side to open the window/ door.

The sash is to be opened outwards

The window/ door can be tilted to ventilate your room but protects from intrusion.

The sash is to be opened outwards.

The window can be opened to the inside and it can be tilted.

The sashes can be folded, each running along a runner rail.

The sash can be tilted and slid to one side to open.

The sash is lifted by moving and ensures a much better sealing than a sliding window/ door.